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PAL Alert Notice

IMPORTANT ACCOUNT ACCESS CHANGE: A new Multi-Factor Authentication log-In process will be required starting April 19, 2021. See here for detailed instructions.


PAL Message Notice

The security of your assets and protection of your account is a top priority for Presidential Bank. Starting on April 19, 2021, all customers will be required to set up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in order to access your account. The first time you log into your account on or after April 19, 2021, you will be prompted to set up MFA. Using MFA is easy! Your user ID and password will remain unchanged. However, the new MFA login process requires two steps. First, you will enter your user ID on a log-in screen. Then, on the next screen, you will enter a password and a one-time PIN code. The PIN code is delivered to you shortly after you proceed to the second screen. When you set up MFA for the first time, you will decide if you want to receive one-time PIN codes via text message or via telephone call-back, if text messaging is not available to you.

Please click on this link for detailed, step-by-step set-up instructions. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Coffie at 301-951-8228.

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