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Community Involvement


Presidential is Involved in the Community

Presidential Bank actively lends money in the community from which it draws its deposits. Here are some of the things we do to help meet community credit needs:

  • The home mortgages we make in a single year exceed our total assets. We achieve this volume by tapping the national secondary market for single family mortgages.
  • We make loans on small apartment buildings, many of which provide the most affordable kind of housing available in the Washington, DC area. Often these residential properties are located in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.
  • We make loans to home buyers for the construction of a new home or major renovation of an existing home.
  • We participate in the Virginia Housing Development Authority affordable housing program for residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • We make SBA loans to small businesses. We also make commercial mortgage loans on properties owned and occupied by small businesses.
  • Members of our staff belong to many different community organizations to keep in touch with local community credit needs. These include real estate oriented organizations such as homebuilders', apartment owners', Realtors', and mortgage bankers' organizations. Also included are Chambers of Commerce, as well as many youth and charitable organizations.
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