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Online Banking



Online Business Banking offers online services to businesses of any size. Our solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business, whether you work from an office in your home or have more than 100 employees.


All information is real time, which means the data you view is up-to–the-minute accurate.


Online Business Banking provides you with secure and reliable access to your account information and provides you the ability to initiate transactions via the internet. You have access to your Presidential accounts anywhere you have access to the internet using a standard web browser.


Features and services

  • My Accounts  provides a summary of your Presidential accounts at a glance. Selecting an account allows you to drill down into additional transaction details.
  • Transfers allows you to move funds between Presidential accounts. Transfers can be scheduled for the current day, a date in the future or on a recurring basis.
  • ACH/Wire Payments is an optional payments system enabling approved users the ability to move funds to other institutions. Sending ACH's for payroll, initiating a tax payment or wiring funds to pay a vendor are examples of this service. Additional fees apply.
  • Stop Payment allows you to place a stop payment on an individual check or a range of checks (fees may apply).
  • Manage Users allows administrators authority to add new users, quickly toggle user access on and off, reset passwords and delete users as needed. Administrator have access to all of the options to establish company users, access and limits.
  • Additional Services access your Historical Statements and Check & Deposit Images. Provides a direct request channel for photocopies of checks or statements, investigation of questionable transactions and online check orders.
  • Bill Pay is an optional service allowing businesses to quickly pay bills online. Additional fees apply.
  • Contact Us provides a secure email link between you and Presidential Bank.

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Paperless Statements

Simplify your life! View & print statements and check images online. This service can be requested in writing (letter, fax or email). To do this, please provide us in writing the following:

  • I want statements mailed
  • Name
  • Account Number(s) you no longer want mailed statements for (last four digits only if in an unsecured email)
  • Contact information (address, telephone # or email address)
  • Sign (N/A if email) and date correspondence

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Check & Deposit Images

View your cleared checks and Deposit Images within Commercial Online Banking.

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Historical Statements

Historical Statements provide you the ability to view your statements available back to June 1997.

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Remote Deposit

With Presidential Remote Deposit, there’s no need to drive to the bank or to mail checks in for deposit. Save time, personnel and mileage expenses, and eliminate risk.

Learn more, or watch the Remote Deposit Demo.

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