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Trust Fee Schedule

Personal Trust and IRA Custody Account: $ 50.00 Annual Administrative Fee*
Corporate/Business/Institutional Trust Custody Account: $100.00 Annual Administrative Fee*
Minimum Asset Requirement: None.
High Yield Trust Money Market Account for Trust Customers: Annual Administrative Fee based upon the month end average balance:
  $0.01 to $125,000.00: No fee
  $125,001.00 and above: 2 basis points (0.02%) per annum
  Call for current yield.

*For asset custody balances exceeding $2,500,000 a higher fee could apply, depending upon the specific arrangements with the account holder.  For institutional accounts, a transaction charge of $15 applies to each domestic securities settlement in each applicable custody account.  Both custody and transaction charges apply to global investments held outside of the United States; fees depend upon the countries involved. An additional annual special handling fee of $100.00 applies to each domestic asset held in custody that is not Depository Trust Company eligible or a mutual fund or a government security eligible to be held at the Federal Reserve.  Other charges may aply to specific services requested by the customer.


All of the foregoing fees are charged to the respective Trust Custody Account annually in a lump sum during the month following the anniversary of the account opening, except for transaction and global custody fees which are billable monthly.


If more than one of the foregoing fees could apply to a given Trust Custody Account, the highest applicable fee will apply.


Additional fees may apply for special services.


Rates effective: June 28, 2013

Presidential Bank’s Trust Department is a qualified custodian to hold your IRA assets.  Presidential’s Trust Department can act as your custodian for the assets owned by your Self-Directed IRA, processing all transactions, performing requisite recordkeeping, filing necessary reports with the IRS, issuing account statements, forwarding investor materials received in your behalf, helping you to understand the rules and regulations pertaining to certain transactions, and performing other administrative duties.  Our Trust Department staff is trained and experienced and ready to help you establish your flexible asset IRA.  Call today and get started (703) 528-7994.

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