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Earn Great Rates on CDs

7 month CD 5.25% APY*
New money only**
9 month CD 4.65% APY*
182 day CD 4.35% APY*
1 year CD 4.50% APY*
2 year CD 3.00% APY*
3 year CD 2.85% APY*
5 year CD 2.85% APY*

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**New money is defined as funds not currently held by Presidential Bank and must be from an external source of funds.

More Great Rates

Money Market Advantage Checking

Earn 4.37% APY*
on Balances between
$25,000 and $250,000 **
Earn 1.50% APY* on
Balances over $250,000 **

** Daily Average Balances must exceed $25,000 otherwise earnings are 0.10% APY*
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News & Announcements

Presidential Can Help Customers Increase the FDIC Insurance Limit.


If you are concerned about maintaining 100% FDIC insurance of your bank deposits, we can help. Consider:

  • Open separate and joint accounts in family member names.
  • If you have individual husband and wife accounts, plus a joint account, you get $750,000 total FDIC insurance coverage.
  • Consider placing up to $5 million with Presidential, using our behind-the-scenes network to get full FDIC insurance of the total amount, at no extra cost and with a single point of contact.
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We are excited to announce the newest addition to our Presidential Bank Mortgage family, John Pruitt. With his impressive background in the mortgage industry and a wealth of leadership experience, John joins our senior management team as the Senior Vice President of Production and Strategic Initiatives. His initial focus will be on spearheading the development of our expansion into the Southeast and we couldn't be more excited about the level of expertise he brings to our organization.

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Presidential Bank and Knowbl Partnership Improves the Customer Experience with Conversational Digital Engagement


Powered by AI, Presidential Rolls Out Innovative Knowbl BrandGPT Virtual Assistant 
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Presidential Bank Mortgage Expands Services with New Personnel


The Mortgage Division of Presidential Bank announced the acquisition of several mortgage industry leaders, continuing its expansion of mortgage lending services in key Maryland communities.  Presidential has been able to avail itself of the opportunities created by turmoil in the financial services industry over the past year to selectively recruit additional talented mortgage executives.  Recently added mortgage professionals include:
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Who We Are

On October 6, 1995, Presidential® became the first bank in the United States to offer its bank accounts over the Internet. Beginning in 1997, Presidential was one of the earliest banks to offer online account statements and then real time PC banking services, such as current balance look-up capability and transfers between accounts. Our unique online archive of historical account statements and check copies, followed later by deposit copies, goes back to the beginning of the availability of these documents online; they are never deleted from our website, providing customers with useful long-term reference information. Software for this service was developed in-house, and a patent was granted for this system.

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