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Presidential® Enhanced Login Security

Online Banking Security. Everyday, Everywhere! Your online security has always been a top priority. To further help protect you from identity theft, we utilize Enhanced Login Security for Online Banking and Mobile Banking.

Online Banking and Mobile Banking require all users to participate in Enhanced Login Security to further help protect you from identity theft and fraud.

Meet Enhanced Login Security

This superior security technology protects your accounts from unauthorized access. It identifies you as the true owner of your accounts by recognizing not only your password but your computer or mobile device as well. If we don't recognize your computer or mobile device, you've either logged in from a public computer or one you haven't used before. We'll send you a one-time access code as an additional line of defense to prevent unauthorized access. With Enhanced Login Security, you'll be protected from whatever computer or mobile device you're using, whether you're at home or on the go.

Enhanced Login Security will:

  • Defend against identity theft and fraud.
  • Provide security from any computer, wherever you are.
  • Make it easy for you to bank online anytime, anywhere.

Just one more way to ensure online fraud prevention, everyday and everywhere!

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