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I agree that Presidential Bank issues its Automated Teller Machine (ATM)/VISACheck card for my use only. I assume responsibility for all transactions made by means of the ATM/VISA Checkcard.
The ATM/VISA Check card is the property of Presidential Bank and is subject to cancellation at any time. The ATM/VISA Check card must be returned to Presidential Bank upon request and may be retained automatically by a machine. I may cancel ATM/VISA Check privileges by notification in writing and physical surrender of the ATM/VISA Check card to Presidential Bank.
I will be assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN). At no time will I reveal or make available directly or indirectly, the PIN to any other person.
Any loss or theft of the ATM/VISA Check card and/or PIN will be promptly reported to Presidential Bank at 800-383-6266.
All ATM/VISA Check deposit transactions are credited subject to verification and final collection of payment.
I agree not to withdraw or transfer funds in excess of the balance in the account accessible with the ATM/VISA Check card or, if an overdraft line of credit has been authorized for this account, to exceed the line of credit limit. The ATM/VISA Check card is not an extension of credit and should not be used as such.
Use of the ATM/VISA Check card is subject to the Deposit Account Rules and Regulations and the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure Statement of Presidential Bank, as now in force and hereafter amended. I understand that I may be liable for losses resulting from allowing unauthorized persons access to my PIN, as provided in the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure Statement.
I understand that Presidential Bank may refuse to issue or re-issue a card at any time.
Last Modifications: 6/7/2017 11:41:39 AM