Government Contractor Banking Services

Cash accounts

  • Business demand deposit checking
  • Business money market checking
  • Business sweep savings
  • Liquid investment sweep funds

Other Services

  • Online business banking
  • Online money transfers
  • Online inbound and outbound ACH transfers
  • Free online billpayer
  • Remote deposit

Getting Started

  • Quick, no-obligation evaluation of credit eligibility
  • Creative and flexible loan terms tailored to each borrower’s individual credit needs
  • Dedicated, experienced lending staff for quick turn-around loans to eligible borrowers
  • In-depth Government Contractor industry knowledge and experience, for prompt answers and efficient use of your company’s time
  • Government Contractor financing programs available to borrowers nationally

Typical Borrower Profile

  • Companies anywhere in the United States with substantial federal, state or local Government contracts
  • Companies in transition from start-up to established small business
  • Companies with minimum 2 years operating history (or equivalent experience)
  • Companies that have reached and are maintaining positive cashflow
  • Companies with sufficient outside investment or retained earnings to remain stable during planned growth

Other Typical Borrower Characteristics

  • Annual Revenues: $1 - $50 million
  • Borrowing Need: $100,000 to $2 million (Higher levels available in certain circumstances)
  • Loan Collateral: Accounts receivable and all other balance sheet assets
  • Other Needs: Borrowers needing assistance with legal issues, accounting, and business planning

Revolving Lines of Credit

Type of collateral Advance rate available
Government receivables Up to 90% advanced, aged up to 120 days
"Prime" government contractor receivables Up to 90% advanced, aged up to 90 days
Unbilled billable costs Up to 50% advanced, aged up to 45 days
Commercial accounts receivable Up to 80% advanced, aged up to 90 days

Mobilization Advances

Type of collateral Advance rate available
12-month note for up to 60 days of costs Up to 100% 60 days cost, annualized after 90-day delay
Intra-period advances Up to 90% advanced, aged up to 90 days
Equipment financing Up to 100% of costs

User-friendly Service

  • Real-time online bank and loan account access
  • Online money transfers
  • No lockbox charges for active loan customers
  • Anonymous online loan qualification calculator
  • Direct borrower telephone access to dedicated Government Contractor banking staff for free consultation and advice about growing your business
  • Contact us at or (301) 951-8208 or (800) 281-2771
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