Commercial Money Market

Minimum to Open Interest Paid ATM Privileges Min. Balance Transaction Limits
$5,000 Yes No $1,000 Yes

Other features
  • Interest rewarded each month
  • Free online banking
  • Checking privileges
  • Check images returned
  • May be used to send SWEEPs to commercial checking

Banking Regulations specifically limit these accounts to no more than six preauthorized transfers or telephone (including data transmission) funds transfer to your other accounts or third party such as check (Money Market only) or draft in any one statement cycle. SWEEP privileges are subject to cancellation, if transaction limits are exceeded more than occasionally. If Commercial Money Market account is used as a sweep account, checks are not issued for this account.

The interest rate/tier and Annual Percentage Yield may change daily. Fees could reduce earnings.

Last Modifications: 4/8/2014 1:45:49 PM