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Presidential Bank, FSB

Consolidated Statement of Condition
Fiscal Year-End March 31, 2017

Cash and cash equivalents $137,400,355
Federal funds sold 105,891
Investment securities - available-for-sale  33,800,196
Mortgage loans held for sale 54,363,183
Loans receivable, net 321,200,438
Accrued interest receivable 1,644,959
Federal Home Loan Bank stock, at cost 513,300
Bank premises and equipment, net 3,428,522
Deferred income taxes 2,933,966
Income taxes receivable 354,754
Other real estate owned, net 1,130,083
Bank-owned life insurance 11,178,431
Other assets 5,625,924
Total assets $573,680,002
Liabilities and Equity
Deposits $501,984,468
Mortgage funding and cashiers' checks outstanding 2,903,585
Advance payments from borrowers for taxes and insurance 1,986,865
Accrued expenses and other liabilities 7,479,668
Total liabilities $514,354,586
Shareholders' equity
Capital stock ($1.00 par value) 428,829
Additional paid-in capital 6,381,193
Retained earnings 51,397,942
Accumulated other comprehensive loss -135,559
Total shareholders' equity $58,072,405
Non-controlling Interests 1,253,011
Total equity 59,325,416
Total liabilities and equity $573,680,002


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