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Presidential Bank, FSB

Consolidated Statement of Condition
Fiscal Year-End March 31, 2006

Cash and due from banks $10,876,046
Federal funds sold 44,311,087
Investment securities - available-for-sale 5,555,763
Investment securities - held-to-maturity 5,087,161
Loans held for sale 21,752,075
Loans and leases receivable, net 359,944,184
Accrued interest receivable 2,143,943
Federal home loan bank stock, at cost 940,300
Bank premises and equipment, net 1,485,146
Deferred income taxes 450,850
Other assets 966,615
Total assets $453,513,170

Liabilities and Equity
Deposits $404,040,489
Mortgage funding and cashiers' checks outstanding 10,538,791
Advance payments from borrowers for taxes and insurance 1,228,389
Income taxes payable 343,293
Accrued expenses and other liabilities 1,179,773
Total liabilities $417,330,735
Minor interest in subsidiary 124,937
Shareholders' equity
Capital stock ($1.00 par value) 428,829
Additional paid-in capital 6,381,193
Other comprehensive loss (78,806)
Retained earnings 29,326,282
Total shareholders' equity $36,057,498
Total liabilities and shareholders' equity $453,513,170

NOTE: This statement has been prepared in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS). Tangible, Core, and Total Capital are the elements of regulatory capital determined under such reporting requirements. Regulatory capital is the basis by which the OTS determines whether a savings association is operating in a safe and sound manner. As of March 31, 2006, Presidential Bank, FSB was in the "well capitalized" category as defined by OTS, with Core and Tangible Capital of $36,182,437 and Total Capital of $37,387,506, compared to the applicable minimum regulatory requirements of $6,804,911 for Tangible Capital, $18,146,428 for Core Capital, and $25,266,759 for Total Capital.

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